What do you get when a doctor, a lawyer, an artist and a chef meet over craft beer and a meal? It’s not a joke—Herd is the product of four souls, each offering an area of interest. HERD is a restaurant featuring fresh, locally sourced creations at the hands of a multi-talented chef. The word “herd” has many meanings; a herd is a group who travel, eat, and spend time together, usually for a purpose. To herd is also the action of providing care to that group—watching over their needs, providing for them, making them happy. This is the epitome of HERD. We want you to come together, eat and imbibe of our featured fare and enjoy yourselves. We feature locally sourced proteins with fresh seasonal accouterments, The Chef is Dan “Serge” Sergi, a locally trained and multi-talented chef. The artist is renowned painter and networking guru Patrick Ganino. The lawyer is Jonathan Shapiro, a Connecticut Super Lawyer who loves great atmosphere and solid business sense. The doctor is David Shapiro, Jonathan’s brother and a true aficionado of all things culinary. Together, these strange bedfellows came up with a concept—a restaurant where the food is complex of flavor but simple and clean in presentation, where the beverages are specially created for the interested patron, and the environment is comfortable, joyful, and approached with ease. Come eat at Herd—a gathering place.

herd restaurant mural