Welcome back, herd fans…

Herd Restaurant has closed our 200 Main Street (Metro Square) Middletown, Connecticut location. 

If you have questions, please see us at our Facebook page or email herdonmain@gmail.com

Dear Friends and Family of Herd,
COVID19 has taken its toll on many restaurants, staff members, servers, bartenders and kitchen staff members across the globe. Other industries have also borne the weight of the economic impact of the pandemic, and we are no different. We made an attempt to keep our team employed for as long as possible, offered new options with Herd at Home, and streamlined our menus, all in an effort to keep our community supporters well fed. Given some additional circumstances with our landlord, we have decided to suspend service at our current location in Metro Square after we conclude dinner service on Saturday, August 29. We are working diligently on a new location and options that will better serve the current environment. We will announce our further plans in the near future.

Please stay tuned here, and be sure to support other local restaurants, businesses, and creators, as this is how to best stimulate the economy and move forward!In the meantime, as the seasons grow colder in 2020, stay healthy. Please remember to support local retail, artisans, businesses, and especially, local and nearby restaurant in their efforts to remain afloat in this difficult environment. Some great options include Café 56, Taino Smokehouse, Lan Chi, the Spicy Green Bean, Millwrights, the Wheatmarket, Luci, Amici, Wood N Tap, Jefferson Fry Co. and many others. Keep an eye on our facebook and instagram for any updates.



Tip your servers, and keep the food industry alive!

With respect and gratitude,

The herd at Herd. #herdonmain #haveyouherd? #covid19