Welcome back, herd fans…

Herd Restaurant is back!

While we have closed our 200 Main Street (Metro Square) location,
we have moved our service to share space with Cafe 56, 102 Court Street, Middletown.

If you have questions, please see us at our Facebook page or email herdonmain@gmail.com

Dear Friends and Family of Herd,
We have missed you the last couple of weeks, but are happy to share some exciting news!
As we face the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes changes is required.
We are officially on the move and have joined forces with Cafe 56, located at 102 Court Street, Middletown.
As a neighbor and friend, Chef and Owner Sabrina Cortes has been serving breakfast and lunch for many years, featuring modern, scratch creations inspired by peoples of the Americas. Together, we will be working as “Herd 56” a modern day approach to dining. We will be BETTER TOGETHER!
We will be maintaining separate menus for now, so you will have some of your Herd favorites, and Café 56 will feature their usual exciting options. For now, we will be offering service to enjoy meals at home. A temporary menu, with seasonal specials, is posted. The full menu will be available in the near future.
Herd at Home orders may be completed by emailing us at herdonmain@gmail.com or calling (limited hours, bear with us) 860.346.4373.

https://www.facebook.com/herdonmain or https://www.instagram.com/herdonmain/?hl=en

With respect and gratitude,

The herd at Herd. #herdonmain #haveyouherd? #covid19